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As an innovative venture in the painting and craft industry, we, Arts India International, want to give you the tangibility of real paintings. We create the paintings that are worth thousand words. Thus, our company is addressed as a world renowned manufacturer, exporter and supplier of Traditional Art of India including Canvas Paintings, Miniature Paintings, and Oil Paintings. The extremely talented artists of our group portray the respect for tradition with the combination of contemporary expression trend. These professional artists are committed to capture the ideas of clients on the canvas with astounding perfection. What makes us unique is our capability to customize paintings on the basis of colours, designs, frame and other specifications provided by our customers. Apart from unique and fine strokes, superior quality paints and preservatives ensure fresh appeal and endurance of each masterpiece from our unit.

Something More about Our Creations...
Our extensive art collection can be used for decorating interiors, which enhances the beauty of indoors. Our paintings radiate an aura of glory, exhibit hereditary skills, display painstaking craftsmanship and evoke a desire to possess. The Indian miniature paintings created by our artists are not just detached visions of artistic expression, rather provide the basis of Indian music and art forms. Most of these masterly works are visual creations of emotional and perceptive concepts that depict the ragas or musical modes of Indian classical music.

An Overlay of Our Creations
We, Arts India International, offer an exquisite range of paintings on a wide variety of themes that include subjects like nature, religious, landscapes, still life and abstract art besides, custom paintings, canvas paintings, etc. We offer different types of frames that are classified as premium, normal, economical to choose from. Our paintings feature the Traditional Art of India including Canvas Paintings, Miniature Paintings, and Oil Paintings.

Custom Paintings
Our team of professional artists works in close harmony with our customers to portray their imagination on the canvas; open to take the designs from our buyers and assure them of offering the exact replica of it. Virtually any medium of your choice can be used to customize your paintings.

A Bold Brush with Quality
We ensure complete quality in our range of hand painting services. Right from the quality of fabrics & colours used till the final finish of our products, extreme care is observed at each level. Being complete hand designed and painted, we ensure that each of our paintings is as per the specifications of the individuals as well as bulk buyers.

Our Knack to Administer Prompt Operations
The headstrong and state-of-the-art infrastructure of our company possesses all the desired facilities which make our corporate unit a successful one on the global level. These include the features of:
  • Proper warehouse facilities
  • Systematic approach towards the delegation of work
  • Proper packaging of each piece to ensure easy and safe transportation
  • Special effort towards deciding the design and theme of the paintings.